Interesting Facts about Berlin

Das ist kein Park, das ist ein Friedhof

Did you know that Berlin has more bridges, rivers and canals than the famous city of Venice in Italy?

Ghaeree is doing exercise on the former airfield in Berlin Tempelhof. Being on of the first airports in Germany with the opening in 1923 it was closed in October 2008 due to its location amidst the city and no options for expansion. All building are protected by law as historical sites.

Hinterlandmauer = that was the first line of wall to stop people from leaving their country. The hinterlandmauer was lower than the main wall

Signalzaun = That was a signal fence with detection wires. No one knew which wire was active which made the task to climb over it nearly impossible.

Postenweg = That was the patrol lane for the border forces. Between this lane and the main wall many anti personal mines were planted. Plus self shooting device at the bottom of the wall.

That is the central memorial for the victims of the holocaust in which millions of Jewish people were brutally killed. A very shameful part of German history

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A very shameful part of German history indeed :frowning:

Great pictures.

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